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Education is the backbone of progress and development, on which a state’s economy depends. It is also acknowledged fact that quality education leads to progress and a strong economy. Instructional qualities carry its importance for the promotion and upgrading students’ understanding. That is why the teacher is liable to provide quality education to the individuals.


There are many dimensions about teachers and their teaching in which the most focus one is teachers efficacy having the notion that if teachers have the ability and capability regarding classroom control and its students learning, teachers have to adopt and apply advance classroom strategies.


ET TECH X is a key event in the Education and Training Technologies Industry, which draws manufacturers and service providers of different products and resources for education & training sector. Directors, Principals, CEO’s, Trade Captains, HR Professionals and Educators from play schools, all levels of educational institutions to corporates are brought under one roof to support and fulfil the immense current & future demand of different resources for their institutions and schools.